2018-2019 SACDLA Officers

2018-2019 SACDLA Board Members

  • Matthew Allen, (term expires 2020), Email
  • Robert Barrera,(term expires 2019) Email
  • Mac Bozza,(term expires 2021) Email
  • Philip Bozzo,(term expires 2019) Email
  • Anne Burnham,(term expires 2021) Email
  • Karen Corby, (term expires 2020), Email
  • Adam Crawshaw,(term expires 2020), Email
  • Andrew del Cueto,(term expires 2021) Email
  • Justin Fischer, (term expires 2019) Email (SACDLA Webmaster and Listserve Administrator)
  • John Fox,(term expires 2020) EmailWeb Site
  • Andrew Froelich, (term expires 2021) Email
  • Ray Fuchs, (term expires 2019) Email
  • Roland J. Garcia, (term expires 2019) Email, Website
  • Paul Goeke,(term expires 2019) Email
  • Juan Carlos Hernandez,(term expires 2020) Email
  • John Hunter, (term expires 2019) Email
  • Blakely Mohr,(term expires 2020) Email
  • Pat Montgomery,(term expires 2021) Email
  • Angela Moore,(term expires 2020) Email
  • Kristen Mulliner, (term expires 2019) Email, Website
  • Miguel Najera, (term expires 2019) Email
  • Trisha Morales Padia, (term expires 2019) Email
  • Joel Perez,(term expires 2021) Email
  • Shawn Sareen,(term expires 2021) Email
  • Robin Teague,(term expires 2020) Email
  • Chad Van Brunt,(term expires 2019) Email
  • Trisha Morales Padia, (seat as Defender Editor) Email
  • Michael Young,(Permanent Seat as Chief, Bexar County Public Defender) Email


  • Michael McCrum, (2017-2018) Email, Website
  • Patricia Jay, (2017) Email
  • Warren Wolf, (2015-2016) Email
  •  Robert Featherston, (2014-2015) Email,Website
  • Jorge Aristotelidis, (2013-2014) Email, Website
  • Jay Norton, (2012-2013) Email
  • Michael Gross, (2011-2012) Email  Website
  • Jeff Mulliner, (2010-2011) Email, WebSite
  • Bud Ritenour, (2009-2010) Email,
  • Adam Kobs, (2008-2009) Email
  • George Taylor, (2007-2008) Email
  • Stephanie Stevens, (2006-2007) Email
  • Jim Greenfield, (2005-2006) (deceased)
  • Michael Raign, (2004-2005) Email
  • John Convery, (2003-2004) Email, WebSite
  • Ernest Acevedo III, (2002-2003) Email
  • Ronald Guyer, (2001-2002) Email
  • Mark Stevens, (2000-2001) Email, WebSite
  • George Scharmen, (1999-2000) Email
  • Cynthia Hujar-Orr, (1998-1999) Email Website

SACDLA Directors Emeritus

  • Charles Butts (Deceased)
  • Anthony Nicholas (deceased)
Latest News

Latest News

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April 26th, 2018

SACDLA Election for 2018-2019

At the SACDLA Board Meeting on Thursday April 19, 2019 the SACDLA Board Members held a vote to elect a new Treasurer and to fill seven seats on the SACDLA Board. Joseph A. Esparza of Gross & Esparza, PLLC was elected as SACDLA’s new Treasurer. Executive members are elected to one year terms. Due to this one year term limit the President for the 2017-2018 term Michael McCrum has left his post and is now a Past President. Donald Flanary is the new SACDLA President, with Loraine Efron becoming the Vice President, and Christine Del Prado is the new Secretary. The new elected Treasurer Joseph Esparza rounds out the new executive board of the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Anne Burnham, Andrew Del Cueto, and Joel Perez were re-elected to the SACDLA Board. Mac Bozza, Andrew Froelich, Pat Montgomery, and Shawn Sareen were elected to the SACDLA Board to the board to fill the additional seats. The re-elected and newly elected board members were elected to three year terms to expire in 2021.

February 15th, 2018

55th Annual Judge A.A. Semaan Criminal Law Institute

In honor of District Judge A.A. Semaan

The 55th Annual Judge A.A. Semaan Criminal Law Institute (Semaan CLI) is designed to provide judges and counsel with in-depth, scholarly presentations on crucial criminal law issues of the day. This year, the Semaan CLI celebrates this long tradition of featuring topics of interest to both new and experienced attorneys with presentations from seasoned practitioners and Judges from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The event is hosted at the San Antonio La Quinta Inn & Suites across from the San Antonio Riverwalk.

November 22nd, 2017

SACDLA 2017 Judicial Survey Results

A survey of Bexar County Judges by Bexar County attorneys.

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